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Feb 04, 2013 | All, Food | 3 Comments
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This morning, you would’ve thought it was my birthday. I received an email saying that my favorite cold pressed juice company “Pressed Juicery” had reduced their three day cleanse prices! That was awesome but unfortunately they charge and arm and a leg for delivery since they’re only located in Los Angeles. I went onto to the website (just to take a peek) and to my surprise they now have locations in the bay area! Three locations might I add!!! That being said, I am starting a three day cleanse on wednesday (hoping I go through with it). It is being delivered and I don’t have to pay for the shipping!!! I’ll include the link below to the website! Hope you enjoy your juice bay area followers! Yippie!

Noe Valley and The Ferry building location are currently open and Marin county is coming soon!



*** I have not been compensated in any way for this post.***

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3 thoughts on “It’s Here!!!

  1. Ayesha:

    I am very interested in doing this cleanse and I read the info and it sounds great! I know you said you were going to do it. Did you go through with it? and how did you feel about when you were done? I have always wanted to day a cleanse but mostly I am concerned that I am going to feel hungry and weak!! Please give me your input.

  2. My goal this year is to take better care of my body. How often do you do a cleanse and do you have any tips on being successful with it?

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