New Moms and The Babysitter!

Feb 08, 2013 | All, Family | 13 Comments
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I wanted to get opinions from all of the moms out there on finding a babysitter. Were you nervous the first time you hired one? How did you find them? At what age did you start leaving your little one with someone else?

I am asking because my husband and I have left our baby girl for a total of 10 hours combined, and it’s always been with a family member (she’s almost 7 months). I am absolutely petrified to leave her with someone. She is so little and can’t speak for herself yet, what if she needs me?! Have you moms out there had the same feelings? How did you cope? Please give me your feedback and comment below.


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13 thoughts on “New Moms and The Babysitter!

  1. This is a difficult thing to do as loving parents… It’s hard especially when they are so young. I have 3 and the process is the same for family/non-family members. First of all never leave your child with someone who doesn’t have the same beliefs as you as far as emergency situations, and discipline. We always start with other families like ours from our local church. Do swaps so you care for their children and they care for yours this way it is equal footing and you know they will be treated right. I hope this helps!

    -Dana R. Taft

      1. No but we lived there when my husband played for Golden State and I never found a church home. But each time we move I look at Joel Osteen’s church finder on his site.

  2. You are completely normal, haha. We always leave Isaiah with family. I was so blessed to have my mom look after Isaiah once I went back to work. Once Isaiah started to walk and was starting to say a few more words he entered the world of preschool (at 18 months). I absolutely love our preschool. He has a great time learning new things. I love that there are a lot of teachers around and that he is meeting other children his age. He talks about his little friends too. My little advice is this…stick to family for as long as you can. I’m always at ease when Isaiah is with our family. Plus I know that grandparents/family loves it. That’s my two sense 🙂

  3. Family is always the best option but if they are out of town, you should have another plan. I would also recommend that you install cctv at home so you can monitor or record and watch anywhere and everywhere to give you peace of mind. Do a lot interviews, and background check before you choose one that is best suitable and give both of you heart at peace. Pray for the right one. I know it’s scary at first, but as a mother, you need a little break too and take care of yourself, emotionally, spiritually and physically. A happy mother, make a happy wife and family =) Good luck and I hope you will find the perfect one!

  4. This was very hard for me too! I went with friend recommendation. I started out with them watching my daughter while i was home doing chores so i could observe. I did this for a couple of months until i became comfortable with our sitter.

  5. Your daughter is at a good age, because now she can be entertained and remember people. I recommend a site like sitter city where you can get references and background checks and I agree with the other poster, have her their with you at first. You might want to pick a room where she cant see you, but you can hear them, because if she sees you she will cry for you. Also for peace of mind get a nanny cam, you can watch from an iPad anywhere. It doesn’t cost much and you will know how she really is when you are not there. Also if you pay a little bit more than other people, like 20 per hour the best nannies will want to work for you. Money well spent to know your baby is happy and safe. I skip on expensive clothes for quality nanny. You will enjoy your baby so much more even if it is just a couple hours here and there that you get a break. Sometimes I just sleep. Maybe you won baby lottery but my 10 month old is still up 2-3 times a night! Also final advise, get an occasional nanny that has other things going on like college, that way they are happy to get a couple hours and not resenting that it is not full time. never hire somebody who tries to get you to hire them because they are in dire straits. My baby now is happy to see the nanny and doesn’t even notice if I leave. It helps if you spend some time all three of you so baby doesn’t think… Uh oh here comes the lady that means momma is going. Good luck, your baby is so adorable, it is so so hard to trust something that important to somebody you don’t know.

  6. I know what you mean because it was very hard for us too. Luckily we found a great babysitter, but it was still hard the first time we left our twin babies with her. They were 5 months old. For the first few days we stayed with her so she knows the routine, then gradually we increased the time away from them. By the time I had to go back to work full time, I had a pretty good feeling with her and knew I could completely trust her.

  7. We are really going through this right now. I had to return to work part time, so my mom watches her while I work. I am truly comfortable with her grandma time! I have also let my cousin watch her for a few hours and a friend from church. I trust these people and have known them most of my life.
    So grandma is wanting more grandma time and less caregiver time lately. Which I totally understand! The other two people aren’t babysitters, they just watch her randomly. Now I hve to look for a babysitter babysitter. I am freaking out. It’s different with a stranger watching her. I wish we had more young people at church who could watch her! I will background check, interview, and test out any sitter before I commit!! I have heard great things about!! Def don’t trust Craigslist!
    Let me know how the sitter search goes!! My little one is almost 9 months!

  8. I’m a working Mom, so had to navigate all the choices at a young age for my daughter… Went back to work at 2 months and bit the bullet and opened my checkbook wide and had a Nanny until she was 6 months old (a dear friend of mine who was pregnant at the time and had several years experience as a Nanny). Went with a Babysitter who was a member of my church who was staying home until her youngest went to Kindergarten – both were very loving experiences where my daughter received lots of attention. At 18 months, my Babysitter went back to work and my daughter started going to daycare/preschool (with a play based philosophy). My daughter is 5 now and in Pre-K. Those choices worked for us… and we kind of eased into the daycare thing. She has always been incredibly social and for her this has allowed her to blossom and reduced the mom-guilt for me since I wasn’t ready to put her in Day Care full time at two months old. I don’t have any family close to where I live, so I didn’t have another option. In terms of babysitters, I have gone with referrals and posted on a local Christian college job board and interviewed a few folks (unfortunately that sitter who went to the Christian school didn’t work out – she was always late and kind of irresponsible – she did give my daughter lots of attention and my daughter loved her but she showed up late several times and hung over one time so I had to “fire” her. Because she was going to the Christian school I think I gave her more latitude that she deserved). I randomly met a young woman (grad student at a local university) who had a lot of experience with kids and I called her references and she has stuck for 3 years. I only use her occasionally but 90% of the time when I call, she works it out so that she can make it (I pay her well) and she is wonderful with my daughter. I have always insisted on older sitters who have their own car (at least 21, my sitter is now 25), feeling that perhaps having a little more life experience would make the person more patient, better at drawing the boundaries for my daughter and able to deal with an emergency should one arise. I prefer that they have some sort of first aid and CPR training as well. Good luck!

  9. I took care of my son myself and would not leave him with anyone except my parents and sister until he was almost two years old (he just turned two in December) I enrolled him in a preschool program and trusted the 6 women working there first and his main teacher formed such a bond with him she now babysits on weekends and evenings for me it really helped Major (my son) not to be so attached and to develop great social skills it helped relieve me of the anxiety of leaving him with strangers and I was able to accomplish more quickly we all have to start somewhere I would say pray about it and as she approaches one consider it! I totally understand your reservations but I think it will turn out great

  10. Hi Ayesha! I thought I would give you advice from a nanny’s point of view. I live here in the bay area as a college student and do nanny for a family on the weekends I met through a friend which was originally from One word of advice that really helped me, and the mother and father of the girls I watch is to hangout all together with the children too. Getting to know the babysitter and about their lives helps tremendously. It not only helps for you to feel comfortable but also helps me as the nanny become a lot more familiar with how their particular family works and how I should be with the girls. Definitley do background checks and even ask for references. Also ask a million questions, whatever makes you feel like you know them best. Hope this helps!! P.s. Riley is adorable!!! Love seeing all the happy pictures of your family. 🙂

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