Easy Salmon Marinade!

Feb 12, 2013 | All, Food | 4 Comments
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I am always on the hunt for delicious recipes. Most of the time I want something quick and easy that doesn’t lack flavor. I think that my easy salmon marinade gets the job done. Try it and let me know what you think!

Preheat your oven to 425 degrees

combine in a sandwich bag or bowl the following ingredients:

4 Cloves chopped garlic

1/2 a small onion finely chopped

1/2 cup of Mirin

2 tbs Low Sodium Soy

1/4 cup of honey

1/4 cup brown sugar

Juice of an orange and a lime

Mix all of the ingredients together and voila, your marinade is done.

This is enough marinade for 1.5-2 lbs of Salmon

Salt and Pepper the fish to your liking, Pour the marinade over the fish and bake for 15-20 mins! It’s that easy, and it’s sure to please!

I paired my salmon with asparagus, roasted potatoes and cheddar mushrooms.



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4 thoughts on “Easy Salmon Marinade!

  1. OMG!!! This is hilarious! I made this exact recipe last night and it was to-die-for!! My husband is an extremely picky eater – and he said this is by far the best salmon he has ever had. I highly recommend this recipe. It’s quick and super easy and I can promise you won’t be disappointed! Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone, Ayesha!

  2. Definitely going to try it! I’m like you in that I like quick n easy n flavor! Thanks, Ayesha! I’ll report as soon as I try it.

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