36 Hours In Salt Lake City Part 2

Feb 21, 2013 | All, Family, Fun | 1 Comment
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JOU JOU at The Grand America Hotel 

So, if I didn’t mention in part 1 of this post (which I don’t think I did) we stayed at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City,UT. It was beautiful! It definitely lived up to its “Grand” title. The hotel had an amazing courtyard, delicious (spicy) room service and a gorgeous outdoor pool (we unfortunately had no time to enjoy it). During our “Baby’s first snow” outing, we stumbled upon the most adorable toy store i’ve ever seen! It’s called Jou Jou and had the most unique finds, most of which were handcrafted and one of a kind! I had been searching for a flag garland for Riley’s room and finally found one! We also picked up a book for her, perfectly titled “Spring is here”. I am almost certain we enjoyed being in the toy store more than she did. Enjoy the pics!

DSC00828 DSC00829 DSC00830

What we found for Riley 🙂

DSC00845 DSC00848

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One thought on “36 Hours In Salt Lake City Part 2

  1. Hi Ayesha, I was looking through your old posts and came upon this entry. I love the flag garland you got for Rylee’s room and I was wondering if you’d like a personalized garland that I would love to make. I make banners for birthdays & different occasions n would love it if you would be interested if I made one for Riley! I don’t want to push it upon you so if you aren’t interested then I can totally understand. Here is a picture of a simple one I’m doing for my daughter’s Elmo themed birthday n one of a Batman theme for son’s birthday.



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