We’ve Got A Teether On Our Hands!

Feb 24, 2013 | All, Family, Fun | 5 Comments
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Riley has been teething for a while now. She never fussed much, and we hadn’t discovered any teeth making their way down… until this morning! The strangest part about it is that it seems to be either an upper incisor or a canine tooth. Is this normal? I’ve always heard of the two front teeth or bottom teeth coming through first. Mommies, I want to hear all about your teething stories! Please send them my way!

I do have a couple of tricks up my sleeve that seem to soothe and calm our baby girl when the pain kicks in.

The first is the “Razberry”. We’ve been using this since she was about 5 months and it really does work! The little bumps on the berry soothe her gums and the color tends to distract her. It is also BPA free (so important). razbabyrazberry-teetherred

These cool baby teething keys called “Kleynimals” serve as both a toy and teether for baby! They jingle just like the keys our babies love, but are safe for them to put in their mouths! You can just throw them into the dishwasher to sanitize! (I always dip mine in boiling water for a couple of seconds even after they’ve been washed)  www.Kleynimals.com  kleynimals

The last remedy I’ve discovered is Hyland’s teething tablets (any grocery store). A good friend of mine recommended these to me recently and they work like a charm. They’re all natural/homeopathic, so you don’t have to worry about giving your loved one any sort of harmful chemical. home-teething-tablets-box

These are the remedies that are currently working for me, though sometimes there is nothing you can really do but wait it out. I hate to see my little one suffer and am therefore always on the hunt for other remedies to help ease the pain. What works for you? Comment below and let me know! I hope my arsenal of remedies can help some of you out there!


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5 thoughts on “We’ve Got A Teether On Our Hands!

  1. The best and easiest trick we did many years ago for our three was to keep clean washcloths wet, wrung, rolled & frozen in the freezer. The babies would just love holding and chewing on them; they numbed their little gums; and the rough texture felt good to them…

  2. Hylands was my miracle worker when my daughter was teething 8 years ago!!! Absolutely loved that stuff!!! I also bought the pedialytes (sp?)Popsicles to have her naw on when nothing seemed to work. Also, in my experience with my daughter teething; she experienced ear infections when a new tooth would come in

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