“Trip” to Denver.

Apr 25, 2013 | All, Family | 6 Comments
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So, we traveled to Denver for a couple of days to support “dada” and the Warriors. Riley was and angel on the flights and traveled like a champ. I on the other hand came down with an awful cold/flu which I am still battling. Worst timing ever, right?! Unfortunately because I got sick we were not able to sightsee like I wanted too. I saved up all of my energy for the games! We lost the first game by a hair and dominated the second game. This weekend the games will continue here in Oakland and I CAN’T WAIT. I may not be cheering very loud due to a sore throat, but i’ll darn sure be clapping, fist pumping, and pointing to the sky! Go warriors! Here are a couple of iPhone pics from the weekend including a bubbling steamy lobster appetizer and a link to a vine video of riley clapping! Enjoy!



Someone clearly LOVES lamb chops. (mine are better)

image copy 7 image copy 8 image copy 9 image copy 10

photo copy 9

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6 thoughts on ““Trip” to Denver.

  1. All the best to Stephen and the Warriors team! Get better quickly Ayesha…we need you to cheer for the team on our behalf..We’ll be yelling at home!! Little Riley is so cute! God Bless!

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