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Jun 05, 2013 | All, Family, Fun | 5 Comments
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Hi Guys!

I’ve been absent from my blog because we are on our annual family beach trip! We are having an absolute blast. It’s always nice to take a moment to enjoy your family alongside deliciously warm weather and icy cold drinks.

I wanted to some time out to share a couple of essentials that i’ve been taking with me everyday down to the beach. These are my “mommy must-haves.” Let me know if you use any of these products and if you like them. If not, what are your must haves for the beach?


The List 

*A sun hat! It’s so important to protect your face from the sun, regardless of if you’re wearing sunscreen or not. I bought mine from a couple of years ago.

*Leave-in! I always bring some sort of leave in hair product with me to the beach. The sun and salt water can be so damaging to hair. I put the product in my hair before, during, and after my day on the beach. It keeps my hair moisturized and protected from all of the factors of the beach. Any product will do.

*Sunscreen! It’s so important to protect your skin even on a daily basis. I use The Honest Company’s sunscreen (see side bar for link!). Remember to always reapply your sunscreen every 40 mins-1hr. I love this sunscreen beacause it’s baby safe so i use it on riley too!

*Face sunscreen! Your regular sunscreen will do just fine, but I like a product that’s specially formulated for the face. Most times this will ensure that you don’t get a mean white cast on your face from the product. The face sunscreens usually have a stronger spf and some sort of moisturizer in it to keep your skin hydrated. I love the Josie Maran broad spectrum spf 40 lotion. I bought it at sephora.

*Chapstick! To keep your lips moist and hydrated! Any lip product will do, one with an SPF is even better.

*Sunglasses! To shield your windows to the soul 😉 (Your favorite pair is most definitely necessary while at the beach)

*Detangling Comb! To avoid tangles after after you get out of the water! Mason Pearson makes an amazing comb, but any comb will do.

*WATER WATER WATER !!! It is so important to stay hydrated when your in the sun. Tons of water is key everyone! 

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5 thoughts on “Mommy Beach Essentials

  1. I want to try The Honest Co sunscreen. I will have to check it out!
    Also, where did you buy your cross necklace? I love it. I have seen some that are bigger but love how dainty and tiny yours is!

  2. Living in the Bay Area, we love going to the beach! We use a laundry basket to carry towels, clothes, beach toys, etc. Besides what you mentioned above, we always bring baby powder which helps remove sand off your bodies, baby wipes or hand sanitizer, and toilet paper because bathrooms there often don’t have it.

  3. We live really close to the beach and go fairly frequently so I’ve got three “insider” tips to add: 1) Baby powder or cornstarch for removing the sand from your body. The powder absorbs the moisture on your skin and then the sand falls right off! My daughter powders up her hands, sand falls off, and she can eat her snack after she uses a wipey without the crunch of sand. 2) Wipes …. once your kid is out of diapers sometimes you forget these essential items! and 3) Little ankle socks – keeps your feet from burning if you are being sporty and playing beach volleyball or smashball or soccer or just even walking. If you are on the hot sand, the bottom of your feet and your kids’ feet will fry after awhile and just a cheap pair of socks will prevent this. They make special beach socks but they are expensive and whatnot. I just wear the same ones that I wear for everything else, just seems easier not to have to worry about any other special gear.

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