Rubber Ducky Pool Party

Jul 18, 2013 | All, Family, Food, Fun | 7 Comments
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Riley’s first  birthday is not until the 19th. I simply cannot believe she is going to be one! It’s completely bittersweet. I have an unbelievable amount of mixed emotions. I am happy, proud and excited to see what the next year has in store,  but at the same time I’m sad that she has grown up so quickly. I literally don’t know where the time has gone. I now know how my parents have felt all of these years.

We decided to celebrate her first year early since we would be traveling on her big day. We threw her a rubber ducky pool party! It turned out amazing considering it had been raining all week. The sun made an appearance during her party and disappeared right after as the rain continued, it was amazing. God is so good, and he certainly does hear all of our prayers.

I purchased all of the items for her party at Target and ordered her invitations from Tiny prints. The party totaled about $400 including all food  and we had about 20 people at the party. I made Riley’s smash cake from scratch. It was completely organic and low in sugar (I have a video tutorial in my previous post). All of the food was also organic for that day. We don’t always eat the best and organic, but we do when we can.

Thank you to all of our family and friends that came out to Riley’s party. It was truly a special day and we appreciate each and every one of you!

Here are a few photos from the party! Enjoy!














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7 thoughts on “Rubber Ducky Pool Party

  1. Hey! Amazing party! It’s absolutely adorable! Just curious what you did with the mason jars? Was it just for the drinks or did you use them for something else? Also, where did you get your swim suit! ItMs gorgeous!

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