Grape Date

Sep 30, 2013 | All, Family, Fun | 2 Comments
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Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had an incredible weekend. I wanted to share some photos from a couple weekends ago with you all. Our new home has a very small vineyard, and the grapes were more than ready to be picked and sent off to make yummy (hopefully) wine! Well, we have absolutely no idea how to take care of, harvest or manicure both the vines and the grapes, but we’re slowly learning. The previous owners of the home (and our new friends) were gracious enough to show us how it’s all done. They came over with their wonderful daughters and picked and de- stemmed all of the grapes! It was a sticky but tasty process. I helped a tiny bit while Riley thoroughly enjoyed eating the grapes straight off of the stem. I can’t wait until next year when we get to do it all over again! Here are a couple of photos for now. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Grape Date

  1. Welcome!

    We’re glad you and yours have put down some roots (vines?) here near The Creek (Lafayette is right next door t us).

    Hope you enjoy the life out here half as much as we’re going to enjoy having the Curry family with us — for a long time, I hope.

    Best wishes for “Little Lights of Mine”!

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