FITNESS FRIDAY: My Diet Alternative

Oct 25, 2013 | All, Fitness | 9 Comments
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I hope you all had a fantastic week! It’s that time again… FRIDAY !!!

I can tell that I’m really going to enjoy checking in with you guys every week! I want to first thank you guys for all of your amazing feedback and input from our first fitness friday. Okay so lets get to it…

This week were talking about “My Diet Alternative.”

I for some odd but hopefully genius reason (when all is said and done) have made it a point to not put any pressure on myself to diet when it comes to food. Why, might you ask? Well, I feel that the concept of diet on a whole is just a giant fad. A lapse in time where you make drastic and sometimes unhealthy choices to get quick results and ultimately end up right back where you started. When this happens you often revert back to your old eating habits, but with a vegence and fire that was 10x worse when you started. 1, because you’re starving and miserable and 2, your body goes into shock because it doesn’t know what’s going on and starts to store food and fat that it didn’t before.

okay… I’m rambling

Here’s what my game plan is and what I feel is the right way to go about getting fit and healthy.

A real lifestyle change when it comes to your eating habits! A routine, a choice and control!


*PORTION CONTROL – I love food way to much and enjoy cooking way too much to give up anything. I am going to eat what I want but in smaller, controlled and less gluttonous amounts.

*SUBSTITUTE- When cooking, I am going to make it a point to select healthier options when it comes to my ingredients. Picking the brown rice over the white rice, using lots of coconut oil and olive oil instead of canola and butter. There are so many easily accessible alternatives on the market now that it’s easy to do so.

*STAY HYDRATED- water plays a big factor in weight loss as well as your overall well being. Making sure I drink enough water is going to be key for this journey. This is what I am the worst at for sure. A friend of mine and I made a pact in China to drink a glass of water before we eat ANYTHING, meal or snack. I think this is a great rule, have any of you tried this? If not, lets get to it! If so, still… lets get to it!

*BREAKFAST- Ladies! We need to make sure we are putting something into our bodies when we wake up in the mornings. Not eating breakfast could be our biggest down fall! We need to jump start our day. A smoothie, a banana, small bowl of whole grain cereal, oatmeal, omlette, an avocado… anything! A cup of coffee is just not going to cut it anymore.

*SNACKING- snacks are important in between meals. they keep your metabolism up to speed and nourish your body throughout the day. The point here is to make sure we’re making healthy snack choices. lots of fruit, nuts, yogurt and smoothies or fresh juice!

*ORGANIC- I’ve been doing this for a while now but eating a mostly Organic diet is just better for your body. We want to be fit but ultimately the goal is to be healthy on the inside too. Not everything needs to be organic, but when you have the option go for the “O”. 🙂

*VITAMINS – I think it’s important to take some sort of multi-vitamin.I’m still taking pre-natals because I nursed Riley for so long and we do plan on having another at some point (NO, not right now… don’t get ahead of yourselves ;))                                          Here is a link to the vitamin I am taking:

*SLEEP- for all you mommies and pretty much any adult out there, I know this is a tough one. Sleep is really important for our overall well being. We need to make it a point to turn the TV off, put the phones down and GO TO SLEEP. A nice natural sleep. Essential oils, a colder room, humidifier, sound machine and warm tea before bed are all things that could aid in a better nights sleep.

… That’s all I have for now. Of course it’s fine to have that slice of pie every now and then. I feel If I implement these rules and lifestyle changes into my daily routine i’ll see significant and long term life long results. This is a great game plan for anyone of any age. Pregnant, nursing, or not. I think this is why it’s going to be so great, it’s a lifestyle not a diet. A “DO-IT”, NOT A “DIET” (OY! so corny, I should stop now).


Let me know what you guys think of the game plan. Stayed  tuned for next week! We’ll be talking about my current weight and progress and the weeks workouts. Yes, I am putting myself on full blast.

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9 thoughts on “FITNESS FRIDAY: My Diet Alternative

  1. This is so important! I love how all of these tips are about taking care of your body and being healthy from the inside out rather than directions on how to look a certain way. That underscores the fact that everyone’s body is different and a healthy lifestyle is not going to result in every person reaching the exact same shape and weight. Just the fact that the wording here focuses on what is best for your body and the focus on health in the long-run is inspiring in a good way. I think that the more a person is in the public eye, the easier it is to to fall into the trap of making fitness all about rapid weight loss and appearance, so kudos to you! Our health goals should be about making ourselves stronger, not about having less of ourselves to make strong.
    And definitely, people, eat breakfast, and more than one food group at such an important meal, too! 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed Friday’s post. Drinking a glass of water before every meal is a great idea! I have to try that. To add to the Stay Hydrated section: I recently heard that you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day. Anyone else heard this?

    Thanks for sharing the great advice!!

  3. This is a great game plan. It includes everything you need for a healthy lifestyle and body weight maintenance. Because I also love food, I eat everything but in smaller portions. No need to deny yourself the pleasure. It’s good you’re doing this now rather than later.
    I wanted to share with you that I had to put my beloved dog Charley to sleep this past Monday. He was my surrogate child and the joy of my life, and I miss him more than I can say. I’m having a very hard time dealing with this, so please say a prayer for me. I’d really appreciate that.

  4. This is exactly what I needed. My daughter is 13 months and I’m trying to get myself back healthy. Thank you for these tips expecially water & portion control.

  5. Great plan Ayesha! I just read about the water thing a few months ago and it does work. My biggest thing will be portion control. For some reason, I feel the need to finish everything on my plate. I don’t want to waste food and it never tastes the same later on when you take leftovers home and have to warm it up! Lol. Oh well, I will still make an effort to control. Sigh. God Bless!

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