Fitness Friday: Moment Of Truth

Nov 22, 2013 | All, Fitness | 21 Comments
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Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a fabulous week. I’ve been enjoying time with my sisters this week, as they are visiting me here in the bay! The rest of the update is in the video below.  Hope you guys are ready for this “moment of truth”. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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21 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: Moment Of Truth

  1. Hey Ayesha ,

    Last week was considered my “slip up ” week. This week including today I’ve been doing great. Completely went cold turkey on the snacking, (my weakness is candy). Instead I’ve replaced it with fruit and I’m finally realizing that eating smaller portions do make a difference. As far as the vitamins I too take Prenatal pills but just the GNC brand , I haven’t as of yet used Honest Products. The fact that we can take them without a meal is more helpful because I eat maybe 2 times a day. So I’ll look into that going forward. Enjoy your family and the treats it’s that time of year so don’t feel bad. We’ll push each other to stick with our abs-workout and like you mentioned not over doing it on Thanksgiving Day.
    Thanks for the update!


  2. After having an incredible week of a healthy lifestyle in general (exercise and eating), I had a major slip up today. I crawled into bed feeling like in one day I had undone all the progress I had made. I was so happy to open my email and see your honest and open post!! We are in this together and we can’t let a few mistakes ruin the healthy changes we have made and the progress we have seen. Thanks for your video. Changed my mindset!

  3. Hey Ayesha,

    I have definitely slipped up this week! lol not so much on exercise but definitely food choice :/ We went out to eat more than usual this week so I ended up having a lot of pasta and bread( too much carbs!) BUT I’ve been introduced to lettuce wraps from a restaurant called pei wei and they are delicious and really healthy! I was wondering maybe in your next video could you give any foods that are lean and are good for lunch/dinner? (I just started my diet plan) Thanks and have a great weekend 🙂

  4. I have a 10 month old son and I’ve been trying to lose weight but I don’t know why I’m constantly sabotagingy progress. I know I would feel and look amazing if I just lost the weight but something always holds me back. Thanks for being so sincere and admitting that like me you aren’t perfect and we have downfalls sometimes when it comes to diet! But I’m also declaring a great week I even did some meal prepping last night for the weekend since that’s when I tend to mess up the most 🙂

  5. I had a crazy stressful week… I skipped exercising and I ate so much chocolate… Basically for breakfast. I usually run an average of 10 miles per week… Gonna start again and make up for the stress eating.

    1. I know what day it’s on. Had a mom brain moment. I could’ve edited it out for you, but I am just keeping it real. I am sure any mom could relate to something slipping their mind at any given moment. 🙂

      1. I definitely can relate to you Ayesha. I have a 4 year old daughter. And ever since I had her you can forget or slip your mind the simplest things. I like that you just kept it really and didn’t edit it out I work in retail so my self on Thursday will be working 11:30-8am Friday.

  6. I’ve been struggling with not working out. I am so busy and tired by the time I get home, I’m too tired to work out. I find that at-home yoga videos are good for me because I can relax and get a workout in. But I also feel like winter is a time when it’s so easy to indulge a little, and it’s nice to reward yourself for working hard during the year 🙂

  7. First of all, it’s impossible to stick to a routine when you have family visiting or during a holiday, especially Thanksgiving, which is all about food! You need to take a break and enjoy yourself. Then get back on track next week. I went to a buffet brunch on Sunday and ate way too much. Buffets are always bad for me because I go back for seconds and sometimes thirds. But I really enjoyed it, and I’m never hard on myself because of it.
    Are you cooking for Thanksgiving at your house? Wherever you are – ENJOY!

  8. Let’s just say I had a slip up MONTH. Family is here in CA from the Philippines for my son’s baptism and like your family, we bond over the sweetest, richest, most savory food. No complaints though, family time is the best time and I would not trade it for anything.

  9. Hi Ayesha!

    Thanks for having such a great blog! I’m a big Warriors fan (like many of your readers, heh), and I love that your blog gives us a inside glimpse into your life. 🙂 I love how personable you are in your videos; it’s so easy to relate to you!

    I myself love to eat as well, and sometimes I eat too much and regret it … but the next day is always a new day to get back into my fitness regime! The key for me is to keep at it, and to not let setbacks ruin my mentality!

    But sometimes you just gotta enjoy a nice, hearty meal and not think too much about it!

  10. Hey Ayesha. I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and I absolutely love it! As for my fitness, I’m barely getting into being active and I’m glad I can come here for tips on my way to become healthier. I’m glad you mentioned vitamins in this week’s post because I’ve been wanting to buy vitamins but I just didn’t know what kind. I don’t have children and I never considered to try prenatal vitamins. I like that the one’s you mentioned are all natural and I plan to look more into them. Thanks for the post. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  11. I had a slip up too, and I keep slipping. But I want to be better. What kind of tea do you drink? Is it cafinated or decaf?

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