Hi Everyone!

I hope you have all had a simply fantastic week. We’ve certainly had an eventful one! Riley is in full toddler mode now, so there is never a dull moment. We’re having so much fun with her!

This week she learned how to say “Raspberry” and “Here it is”. We get so excited when she surprises us with a new word! We are trying elf on a shelf just for fun. She is not old enough to know how it all works, but it is still fun placing the elf around the house and seeing if she notices. She’ll walk by and be lil “OH! Hi doll!” (I kid you not.)  To top it all off Stephen hit a game winner and… We added a new member to our family! A beautiful 8 mnth old labradoodle named “Reza” ! Finally Stephen has a little testosterone in the house. Between Riley, Lei (yorkie poo) and I … Geez, I felt bad for him! Reza is cute, quiet, cuddly and just a gentle soul. We’re so excited to have him in our family now.

Okay! Lets talk FITNESS!

I did it you guys! I successfully completed the cleanse! I feel lighter, and more energetic. I didn’t lose a significant amount of weight, about 3-4 lbs, but it was successful for me. I’ve never completed any sort of healthy food journey for longer than a day, so to complete the full 5 day vegetarian cleanse was a triumph for me and completely worth it. I’m thrilled.

I did not work out during the cleanse, however I implemented my workout back into my regimen the day I finished. This was to make sure my body didn’t backfire on me and gain more weight once I started slowly eating my normal food again. I’ve been getting at least 30 minutes of cardio in per day. With our new big dog, that shouldn’t be a problem at all. Last night when we got back home, I did a pre bedtime ab workout! It felt good and I think I slept a lot better.

Here are a couple of changes i’ve made to my everyday routine since finishing the cleanse. I really think it gave me the jump start I needed into a healthier lifestyle.

* At least one fruit smoothie or fresh pressed juice per day (I make sure I add, kale, spinach and chia… have to get those greens in)

*Still taking my vitamins!

*30 mins of cardio per day (usually after riley goes to bed)

*A lot of water! I try to keep a refillable bottle in my purse

* Make sure I snack healthy throughout the day. (avocado, almonds, apple)

* Make sure I eat breakfast in the morning! (it is so important to give yourself a jump start! I usually have my smoothie or juice)

Other than that everything is the same! I’m loving this healthier lifestyle. At the end of the day I feel great, like i’ve really accomplished something.

What have you guys been doing? Let me know! Remember… we’re in this TOGETHER!

Until next week! Here’s a picture of our newest member!