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Hi Guys,

Here is an update for last week and this week. I hope you enjoy!

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14 thoughts on “FITNESS FRIDAY: Double Update

  1. I made your pear brussels sprouts for Thanksgiving, which was a big hit. Ate more than usual but didn’t overdo too much. Eating Greek yogurt w/ honey and chopped nuts(pecans or almonds)for protein. Eating lots of veggies (esp. root vegs)roasted in oven. Also, salmon and crab. Trying to get back to power walking every day. Been craving mac and cheese. Need to have it soon. Will you share your Mom’s recipe some time?
    On another subject: Where do you get your scripture quotes? If they’re from the Bible, which version?
    Happy to see Riley in the video. So cute!

    1. Hi! So, I did the Tiny Teatox for 14 days. I absolutely loved it. I only had a 28 day box and they are currently sold out of the tea. I split it into two 14 day detox’s in order to hold me over until they have more in stock. This Paleta cleanse is sort of a transition back into my tiny teatox. It’s going so well! I would highly recommend both, but would never do them at the same time.

  2. Great post! Your thanksgiving sounds like it was awesome! We just had a Thanksgiving for two since our families live in Hawaii. I always use Ina Garten’s turkey recipe it’s so easy and tasty, but I’ve always wanted to do a brine. Next time!
    Good luck with your cleanse! I just bought a new blender bc the blades on my old one were getting dull. Back to green juices/smoothies 🙂

  3. Hi! I’m at the game rooting for Team Curry!!! Love your blog by the way. I credit you too my weight loss and new goal to get fit. let’s work together attitude totally works 🙂

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