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Jan 13, 2014 | All, Faith | 6 Comments
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Hello Hello Everyone!!!!!!

Happy  new year!!! It has been way to long since my last post. I decided to take some time away to focus on family, the new year and all of my hopes and dreams I have for the next 12 months of life. People tend to be negative towards a new year and think it’s just another excuse to set goals and fail at them. The truth is you can accomplish so much if what you write down is put into action, and if you have a genuine heart about the things that you want. It’s easy to say you want something only in the end to find out you never REALLY wanted it. It was just cool or sounded wonderful at the moment. That’s okay! Everyone is entitled to making mistakes and incorporating some changes into their lives. It’s even okay to take a couple steps back sometimes. God ALWAYS has a plan, whether it is clear in that moment or not. Know that he always has your best interest and that there is always a bigger, brighter and more beautiful picture. If you do some soul searching, praying and practice obedience you will ultimately find the path to what makes you truly happy.

This year for me is going to be about faithfulness. Knowing that everything is going to be okay, as long as I am obedient to God and know that I am letting his little light shine. I find that I read my bible, I pray before meals, before bed… but I haven’t been taking the time to truly sit down and talk to him. In secluded silence, just pour my heart out and even to listen. I had a wonderful conversation with my mother in law a couple of months ago ( I love her to pieces). We were just speaking about spiritual journey and the willingness to be open to God. We are so often quick to get so deep into religion, that we forget about the RELATIONSHIP we are suppose to be building with GOD. It’s sort of like a marriage. If it were easy everyone could do it. It’s not easy, it’s a process, a learning experience and a give and take. You work at it each and every single day 24 hours a day. The reward is so far greater than we can even begin to imagine and even wrap our heads around. God’s going to test us, makes us happy, sad and sometimes downright angry. After all it is a relationship. Communication is so important and it’s important to put that quality time aside to just sit and talk with him, no scripture, just a conversation. Faithfulness. Pray when you have everything, pray when you have nothing. Pray when you’re sad, pray when you’re happy. This year my goal is to simply build my relationship with God and PRAY. Make it so strong and unbreakable that no matter what happens, there my faithfulness and openness to him always remains. I hope some of you can relate to this, and didn;t find me rambling on. I hope to hear your take on what i’ve said, hear about your journeys and what your plan for 2014 is.

I have attached a picture of some of the things I plan on incorporating into my life this year. I am also starting a channel on Youtube in the near future. I am so excited. Please let me know more of what you would like to see on there. Lastly, fitness friday will resume THIS FRIDAY. Thank you guys for all of your support!

Thanks Guys!



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6 thoughts on “Faith 2014

  1. Happy New Year, Ayesha! Thanks for the cool posting. I’m not religious, but I can totally relate to it. Relationship is such an important of my life, whether it’s with my husband, my children, family, friends, or neighbors, and I want to be more intentional about it. It’s a great way to start a new year. Looking forward to fitness friday!

  2. I could not agree more with all that you said. It’s the relationship that comforts, supports, gives hope no matter what the “world” is trying to push through me. Unwavering faithfulness, undeserved grace and mercy, I am his child/daughter, strength when I am weak, and his amazing forgiveness when I fail.

  3. This is so encouraging,thanks for sharing.You always have good reading,healthy recipes and I love the videos of your family,Riley is adorable.I am looking forward to your chanel on You Tube.Keep up the great work.

  4. Thank you for posting this. It served as a reminder to me about the focus on my walk with the Lord. You’re so right in categorizing it as a relationship with Him, and just like any relationship there is give and take, not just take. I personally know that I am guilty of always asking and expecting to receive, yet I give Him none of my time. I am so glad I read this today. Thank you

  5. A Very Happy New Year to you, Dear Ayesha. Thank you for your heartfelt and encouraging thoughts as we begin 2014. Last year was not a good one for me. I lost my 2 closest friends and my beloved dog Charley, and also had some health issues. I did feel like I was being tested by God and was at times sad and angry. But I didn’t lose my faith or the hope that things would get better. I pray every morning while driving to work and ask God to give me strength to handle whatever comes my way, with grace and love. I also thank God for all the blessings he’s given me (even mentioning little things like how delicious my dinner was). I find this very powerful. It helps me stay positive and see the glass as “half full.” I love your idea of having a relationship with God and just talking and listening to him and will start doing more of that.

    One thing I want to start doing is reading the bible. I like the scriptures that you and Stephen quote from time to time and know you read the Bible every day. There are so many different versions of the Bible. Can you tell me what version of the Bible you read and where you find your scripture quotes? That would be so helpful.

    Looking forward to your Youtube channel. Being a foodie,I would love to see anything related to food. Also, dogs (how is Reva doing?)home decorating, music, fashion, beauty. And of course, Miss Riley. You may want to include some of Steph, just so he doesn’t feel left out. 🙂

    Thank you not only for this blog, but for your Tweets and IshibooLovesYou. They are all so much fun. I can’t even remember how I happened to come to your Twitter, but I’m ever so glad I did!

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