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Feb 10, 2014 | All, Family, Fun | 3 Comments
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Hi Everyone!


I am thrilled to announce that I have started a Youtube channel! This is going to allow all of my videos here in on little lights to be more accessible for everyone to see! I am so excited about this new journey! In order for things to go well you have to SUBSCRIBE ! Fitness friday’s will now be posted there as well as here on the blog! I really hope you enjoy it!

Click HERE to subscribe to the Channel and check out my new page!


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3 thoughts on “Subscribe! Subscribe! Subscribe!

  1. Congrats on branching out to YouTube! It will give you a lot more exposure. Your trailer is great. Looking forward to lots of fun, interesting videos.
    REQUEST: I have asked this a few times before – can you please tell me what version of the Bible you read and where you find your scripture quotations. I want very much to do daily readings of the sort of scripture you write on your blackboard and that Stephen quotes from time to time. This would mean a lot to me.
    Thanks, Linda

  2. I love, love you I Ayesha! What will you think of next..can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. Also before I posts seem to not be showing up? I’d wanted to know what song was playing in the background on the vine on instagram with you and Riley dancing and spinning? I loved the little bit so much that I heard, but I have got to know what song it was! 🙂

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