Reliving Ropa…Vieja

Mar 04, 2014 | All, Food | 5 Comments
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I LOVE to try and recreate moments. I’m big on nostalgia. This past January we were in Miami and a couple of friends of mine took me to an incredible Cuban restaurant. My mom is Jamaican and Chinese, so I grew up with a ton of flavors in our kitchen very similar to that of Cuban food! Anyway, the girls had me try Ropa Vieja for the first time. It was incredible! The flavors were perfect, the meat was tender and the rice and beans balanced out the meal. 3,000-ish miles back to the west coast and I couldn’t stop dreaming about and salivating over this dish! I did a little research and found what I thought to be a good recipe. Went to the groceries, got my lovely pot out and started cooking and experimenting… It turned out perfect! The robust tomatoey flavor, tender beef, bite of the pepper and onions were unmatched! The cumin gave it that Cuban flare. I’ll stop rambling now, but it was perfection.

Here are a couple of pictures of my cooking process. If You’re feeling adventurous, or like you need to escape to somewhere warm and flavorful you can try the recipe and conquer this dish by clicking HERE.  Enjoy!!!

Ropa Vieja 

Note*** I did add about 2 TBS of brown sugar to the recipe. It brought out the flavors a bit more.


IMG_3465 IMG_3471 IMG_3534IMG_3517

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5 thoughts on “Reliving Ropa…Vieja

  1. Sounds delicious – and so easy. Will make this soon. The Shrimp and Grits looks fantastic! Can’t wait to try that one. Maybe for company. Loving all these recipes. I agree w/John – keep them coming!!

  2. this sounds delicious… just saw you are reading omnivores dilemma… i try to shop local when i can, and local over organic because even the usda “organic” label is not as the notion of “knowing your farmer” lots of the farms i shop from have standards that are even more strict than usda organic and they don’t want to pay the gov’t for the label. LOVE farmers’ markets, and when i can’t go, i join a local CSA program or shop on good eggs dot com. check it out since you’re in the Bay! we must support small farms with our dollars or else all that’ll be left is big food industry. i’m a momma of a toddler too, so i’ve been on this journey to search for “real food” since my pregnancy too!
    love your blog, Ayesha! keep it up!!

  3. Real Food Bay Area is an OKAY source for some local ingredients… and also, Three Stone Hearth is awesome for nutrient dense prepared foods when you don’t have time to cook. just had to share!

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