Bay Area Destination: Alameda Antique Market

May 18, 2015 | Family, Fun | 1 Comment
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Now before you turn your nose up to the idea of used/old items and the word “flea market” you should learn a little more about this one in particular. The first Sunday of every month, here in the Bay Area, is designated to Alameda’s Antique Market. The naval base is transformed into a fair with over 800 booths all having the most interesting and unique treasures you can find. Over the past few years I’ve spent Sunday mornings waking up at the crack of dawn and spending most of my day at this eclectic spot. Some of my favorite possessions have been collected here; jewellery, signs, art, and furniture, anything you can think of you can find. The fair isn’t just about shopping either; today I came without buying anything-I just came to take photos, people watch, and eat. Tons of food trucks are on the outskirts of the fair and in between aisles, so there’s really no need to pack any food. After coming to Alameda so many times I’ve learned a lot to make my time go smoothly and comfortably. Before setting out on your Sunday adventure make a list of your needs/wants and budget. Wear layers and comfortable shoes, the Bay Area is so moody with weather as you locals know. Mornings are freezing and windy while the afternoon can get grossly hot. Bring a hands free bag, backpack, satchel etc. Some bring carts if they know they’re going to buy big objects. Cash only, this makes everything go faster/easier and you can bargain by saying you only have x amount of money. Know what’s overpriced, I don’t like to buy anything at the original tag price, I always bargain it down to something less than I was expecting. After your first time coming here you’ll figure out what the standout vendors/booths are. Usually the most popular ones stick to the same spot, so you can go about your day skipping certain aisles you know you won’t like. Not everything is a million years old, why I like this fair in particular is that people transform old items and refurbish them into something useful and modern. One of my favorite vendors takes old coins and makes them stamped initial necklaces. Another vendor, House of Cindy, uses vintage fabrics and turns them into awesome pillows & poufs. The artwork here is so unique; old wooden signs, tin letters, massive canvas prints, vintage photography, you name it! And nothing is the same so you will always get something original. I highly suggest to people living in the Bay Area to come to Alameda at least once- you will instantly be hooked and marking your calendars! Or you can mark your calendar for June 7th and maybe I’ll see you there!

-Olivia Vigo

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One thought on “Bay Area Destination: Alameda Antique Market

  1. Seriously one of my favorite things to do in the bay area! We’ve been several times. I love taking my mom; she always has stories about things you find there!

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