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Oct 09, 2015 | Uncategorized | 5 Comments
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When TJ Maxx offered me the opportunity to become one of their 3 Maxximizers I couldn’t say no. First, i’ve always been the avid TJ Maxx shopper. I can always find whatever I need whether its a cute set of dishes for the kitchen or a chic dress to wear out on a date night. They always seem to have something I love and it’s a total one stop shop. For me, this partnership was a no brainer. Second, they were starting the campaign to drive home the fact that women are remarkable in every single way. We all do so much in a day and big or small it impacts the people in our lives. For a long time I would have never considered myself a “remarkable” woman. Now after taking a step back and looking at what I do for my family and the people around me and how I treat myself, I know that I too am a remarkable woman as are all of the women in my life.

Take a look at this amazing video from TJ Maxx. It is completely relatable and will tug at your heart strings. So basically grab some tissues. All jokes aside, I feel honored to be apart of this campaign and hope to help women realize that they too are remarkable.

At the end of the day, a remarkable woman is also a woman who does it all. ┬áIt’s important to maximize time and always be resourceful. TJ Maxx helps me do that because it’s my one stop shop. I was able to put together a curated shop filled with a few of my TJ Maxx favorites. Feel free to take a look HERE.



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5 thoughts on “The Maxximizer!

  1. A really great video! Touching and heartwarming. What a wonderful campaign for you to partner with. Should be very fulfilling. I support this campaign and TJMaxx wholehartedly!

  2. What an awesome campaign and reminder to us all that we ARE remarkable…like you said, no matter how great or small we view our contribution to this world and the people around us.

  3. Hi Ayesha, I tried making the carrot salad and loved it! Thank you. I am not one to cook or prepare meals and salads (I usually let others do the cooking while I do the eating :D) but after watching you make that salad and other videos, I have been inspired to get into this a bit more. : ) God Bless!

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