Ryan & Riley’s PBK Dream Room Design

Ryan & Riley’s PBK Dream Room Design

I first have to say that through our process of living out here everyone has been so warm and welcoming towards us. It’s always a dream come true when your favorite brands are just as excited to work with you as you are with them. They’ve been kind, generous and extremely patient with us all.

Here in the Curry household things are never at a slow pace and Pottery Barn Kids was more than happy to help us out with our short time frame and new move and make the girls dreams come true! Thank Pottery Barn Kids! I just can’t say it enough.

Okay, so onto the design! I was sad to have to leave our new nursery so soon, but due to privacy issues we unfortunately had to find a new home. Pottery Barn Kids was so sweet to try and recreate that feel in both girls rooms and playroom but elevated a bit because as all of you moms and dads know out there, these kids grow fast!!!

I of course raved about how I thought yellows and teals would just be perfect for the space. Riley had other plans and was feeling pinks and purple (naturally). Even though this was their space I truly thought it would have ended up an eye sore.

It ended up being gorgeous, playful, light and airy and a place they could could grow into throughout their childhood. The shade of purple they chose was perfect and the subtle pink accents were just the touch of feminine it needed. They added their favorite things such as butterflies and horses and even added a little kitchenette reminiscent of my own kitchen. I absolutely love this space and so do my littles.

I just wanted to share it with you all because I am proud of the space and often have people ask where certain pieces in their room are from. When in doubt it’s Pottery Barn Kids.

I hope you guys enjoy these photos and thank you again to PBK!!!

xo- Ayesha




Our dog Reza loves this tent!
Our dog Reza loves this tent!