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Oct 24, 2016 | Food, Fun | Leave a Comment
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Since as far back as I can remember food has played an important role in my life. It can provide comfort when needed, is often a mark of celebrations and can be wrapped in every day family memories – simply, food brings people together.

As a mom, with two little girls, to know that there are families who may not have a nutritious dinner on their table, that some children go to school hungry, and so many others may not have enough food was heartbreaking to me.

To provide attention and assistance to this issue, I’m proud to be a part of Glad to Give, a national campaign that looks to inspire and encourage others to give back. Glad asked me to join the cause and show how I “give the food off my plate” by sharing the story of my work with No Kid Hungry.

Through working with No Kid Hungry, I get to visit schools and centers around the country to deliver meals and talk to the kids about nutrition and giving back to their communities. Earlier this fall, I was fortunate to visit and share a meal with students at the East Oakland Youth Development Center. They showed me their amazing space where they come together through activities and learning experiences to live healthy and lead by example in their communities. We also discussed why giving back is important and why I give back.

Kids are never too young to learn the lesson of giving back to help those in need and that their communities should be an extension of their families. A few easy ways anyone can help are: to make a little extra to send along with your little ones when preparing lunch for a student who may be in need, get the whole family involved in packing up food for local banks or dropping off food to friends and family who need some love.


Glad and I believe that one act of giving inspires another, and no act is too small. So as the campaign highlights those giving the shirt off their back, the socks off their feet and the food off their plate, ask yourself what you glad to give?

You can see my story and other real stories of local change makers and learn how you can get involved at GladtoGive.com.

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