Fueling (My First!) Back to School Season

Sep 07, 2017 | Family, Food, Videos | 1 Comment
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This year marks a first for me since my oldest daughter, Riley, is going to start Kindergarten in a few weeks. How time flies! What I love about the back to school season is the shopping (Riley loves new crayons and markers!) and of course, the cooking. I keep meals pretty healthy for my family in general, but when it comes to the school season, I make sure to keep them fun and fresh.

Homemade lunches are a way for me to share the love, even when I’m not with Riley. I like to think outside the (lunch) box and create kid-friendly meals that are colorful with all sorts of veggies to make them fun but easy to make ahead for me. And, when I can get my kids to join in on the prep, I know they’ll love the dish even more. A little extra time in the kitchen today can save you a ton of time over the course of a week. And for busy families like mine, meal planning is key. Studies have also found that shoppers who meal plan have lower grocery bills and make fewer shopping trips, resulting in less wasted food.
One of the recipes I’m most excited to try this back-to-school season is a Fun Sandwich Sushi. These yummy pinwheels are easy to make and can be modified for even the pickiest of eaters by incorporating their favorite veggies or deli meats. The ingredients are then wrapped up in whatever style of tortilla you prefer and refrigerated to set. This recipe is great because you can make ahead for the week and then just slice when ready to pack for lunch or if your child isn’t a big fan of “sushi,” you can simply leave the roll uncut like a sandwich burrito. To keep veggies fresh, prep and protect before storing them in the fridge. Then toss with your dressing of choice for a delicious salad later in the week.

From packing up lunches to keeping leftovers fresh, Glad helps me manage a busy back-to-school routine. What are some of your go-to lunches that you and your kids love?

Get this recipe, along with some of my other dishes to help you throughout the week, and fresh saver tips at Glad.com.

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