Baby and The iPad

Hi Everyone

I wanted to take a moment to address my feelings on babies and ipads/tablets. Im going to go ahead and get straight to the point.  I LOVE the ipad for Riley, in moderation of course. If i’m in a tough situation like shopping at grocery store and she just isn’t in a patient mood that day I can whip out the ipad and get a good 15-20 mins to get all of my groceries picked out, bagged up and in the car. If we’re driving or flying for a long period of time she can be easily entertained with it. As long as it’s not an everyday thing, I’m okay with it. Completely satisfied with it actually. I get peace knowing that with today’s technology she’s not just watching a movie on her tablet, she’s learning on an alphabet app, or figuring out where her nose is with another.The possibilites are endless. I love that she can learn even when we’re on the move. Again, I said in moderation. I do believe that outside time and hands on play time is way more important for her development than any app on her ipad. How do you feel about “Baby and The iPad”? Let  me know your thoughts in the comment box below!

Thanks guys and Happy Monday!

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