Apricot Glazed Salmon And Vegetable Bake

Apricot Glazed Salmon And Vegetable Bake. Hey everyone! Now one of my go-to recipes in my cookbook “The Seasoned Life” is my apricot glazed salmon. The fun thing about this dish is its versatility. You can use almost any vegetable you have on hand. I added a touch of red pepper flake for some heat (optional) before┬ápouring┬áthe sauce over the top of the salmon and vegetables. In about fifteen minutes you have a fully cooked meal that takes little to no prep time. You could also use fig jam in place of the apricot. I’ve tried it, and it was amazing. For the full recipe pick up a copy of my cookbook “The Seasoned Life” sold at a book retailer near you. Trust me you’re going to want to try this!


Xo- Ayesha