Jamaican Style Beef Stew

Jamaican Style Beef Stew. Hey everyone! Now let’s take it back with this quick and easy to make beef stew. Now I gotta say I’m in love with my “Instant Pot”! Not only is it incredibly convenient for this working mama but it takes some of the most time-consuming meals and cooks them in no time. I decided to make a spin on a beef stew with some of my favorite Jamaican ingredients. By using Jerk seasoning and curry powder which are always staples in my pantry. They pack a powerful punch and always give me that nostalgic taste I crave. Along with some coconut milk, scotch bonnet (habanero pepper most places) and ginger.

The stew meat turns out incredibly tender after just 20-25 minutes in the electric pressure cooker. Now anyone who has used a pressure cooker before knows that they can be incredibly intimidating and scary. But this makes it so easy. If you don’t have one just add all of the ingredients into a covered baking dish and do it the low and slow way. But I love that with an electric pressure cooker you can throw it all in and go and before you know it you have tender beef, carrots, and potatoes in a flavorful gravy. Yum!

Xo- Ayesha

Jamaican Style Beef Stew

1 1/2 pounds beef stew meat
One tablespoon olive oil
1⁄4 cup all-purpose flour
One large onion, roughly chopped.
4-6 carrots, peeled and sliced.
1 pound potatoes, cubed.
Two garlic cloves, minced.
1-inch ginger, peeled.
1 cup beef broth
One can coconut milk
Two bay leaves
One sprig thyme
2 tablespoons jerk seasoning
1/2 tablespoon curry powder
1/2 tablespoon garlic powder
Salt and pepper to taste. (About one teaspoon each)

Set your instant pot to saute and once it blinks “Hot” add in your olive oil.

In a large bowl coat your beef in flour and seasonings.

Add garlic and seasoned meat into the instant pot and brown for about 2-3  minutes. Deglaze the pan by adding in broth. Making sure you scrape all of the bits and pieces off the bottom of the pan (So much flavor in that!). And add coconut milk and stir well. Now toss in your onion, carrot, potato, thyme, and ginger to the instant pot.

Make sure the lid and steam valve on the instant pot are closed.

Cook on pressure cooker function for 20 minutes then allow to sit for 10 minutes until it has released the pressure. If not thickened to your liking see the slurry note below.

* You can make a slurry to thicken your broth by adding 1/4 cup of the hot broth with 1/4 cup of cornstarch in a small bowl. Now stir into the stew for thickening.


Dark Lemonade!

Tis the season for refreshing icy cold beverages! A favorite of mine is classic lemonade. Over the past couple of days i’ve been playing around with some different variations to jazz it up a bit. Over the next couple of months I am going to post several different lemonade recipes.

This first recipe is what I call “Dark Lemonade.” I use orange blossom water and coconut sugar to sweeten. The cool thing about this lemonade is that it ended up tasting close to an arnold palmer without the caffeine from the sweet tea (not to mention all of the “bad” sugar). Try it and let me know what you think!


6 Organic Lemons

1 tsp of Orange Blossom Water

1tsp of Essence or Pure Vanilla Extract

1/2 cup of Organic Coconut Sugar ( if you love sweet lemonade do 1/4 cup cane sugar and 1/4 cup coconut sugar)

1/2 cup hot water ( to ensure sugar is completely dissolved)

4 Cups cold (preferably filtered) water

Optional; Fresh Mint!


Freshly half and squeeze your lemons into a pitcher. Add in sugar, orange blossom water and vanilla. Then, add in the hot water and stir until the sugar has completely dissolved. Next add in your cold water (and mint if you choose). You can then refrigerate or serve immediately over ice. I wouldn’t recommend drinking this warm folks! Hope you enjoy it!

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