A Weeks Worth!

The past week has been a busy one. It’s been quite hectic but extremely fun nonetheless. Riley, my in laws and a few close friends watched my husband and the Warriors fight their butts off to make it to game 7 in the 2nd round of the playoffs. It was an extremely close game, but in the end our guys were tired and simply needed rest. They accomplished more this season than any of the critics and media thought they would. We had 0% chance of even making it to the playoffs! Next season is going to be incredible so get ready Warriors fans!

After a whirlwind season, we hopped on a red eye the following evening and headed to Charlotte, NC (our hometown). I was there attending a blogging seminar. It was great and I learned some great tips that I can’t wait to implement into my blog. I literally went from the airport, changed at the house and went straight to the seminar. We were then able to spend the rest of the weekend with our family. It was AWESOME!!! Riley got some much needed grandparents time on monday while Stephen and I had a date day!

What did we do?

Naturally, we went to the arcade to play games and then hit some softballs at the batting cages. Chic Fil A for lunch? Why yes of course! We ended off our date by seeing The Great Gatsby at a great theatre in Charlotte called “Cinebarre”. COOLEST PLACE EVER! They have a full food and drink menu and you can order and eat in your seats while you watch the film!

The craziness continued the next morning when my little family hopped on a 7 am flight and headed back to the bay just in time to head to (GET THIS) the Mayor’s office! Stephen was presented with the key to the city! Such an honor. It was amazing to see the city come out and support the Warriors for their wonderful accomplishments this season. I was definitely a proud wife, as I see all of the hard work he puts in on a daily basis. Everyone at the event was warm and welcoming and you could genuinely feel what a great place the city of San Francisco and the bay area is. We are so happy to be living here!

Well that’s all I have for now! I am off to the dentist… yikes! Here are a couple of photos and links to vine videos from over the weekend. Enjoy!

1)   https://vine.co/v/b9JJ9qqhBKa

2)   https://vine.co/v/b9Jin1UjFeV

3)   https://vine.co/v/b953hPX19la

image copy 2 image copy 3 image copy 4 image copy image photoSteph Curry