Delicious Beet And Ginger Juice

Delicious Beet And Ginger Juice. Hey everyone. It’s holiday time! And I am so ready to celebrate the reason for the season with my family and friends. Today I wanted to share this juice recipe that will be the perfect go-to for those busy mornings. And with last minutes gifts to buy, holiday parties to attend and family coming into town it couldn’t come at a better time. Juicing is a great way to pack in your fruits and vegetables. And beets add not only color and flavor but are high in antioxidants and a great anti-inflammatory. I combined it with sweet apples, carrots, and ginger. Chock full of goodness! I hope that you enjoy this easy to make refreshingly earthy and sweet juice.


Xo- Ayesha

Beet And Ginger Juice

Beet And Ginger Juice

One large beet, cleaned and trimmed.
Two medium-sized apples, cored. (I like to leave the skin on.)
Two medium carrots, peeled.
1/2 lemon
1-inch ginger, peeled.


Follow instructions for your juicer and juice beets, apple, carrot, ginger, and lemon. You can serve immediately.

Smoothie Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to our winner Tatiana Huffman, your smoothie looked amazing! A special thank you to everyone who participated, you all put in so much hard work. There were so many entries and it was very tough to pick just one. Thank you all! We hope the winner enjoys their Brand-new Vitamix blender from our friends at Williams-Sonoma. Take a look at the winning smoothie recipe below and stay tuned for more fun contests!

And the winner is…………..

☀️️1 inch cube peeled ginger
☀️️1 inch cube of peeled turmeric
☀️️ 1 cup of pineapple
☀️️ 1 frozen banana
☀️️ 1/4 cup of mango
☀️️ 1/2 sweet potato peeled
☀️️ 1-1 1/2 cup of coconut milk
☀️️ juice of 1 lemon
☀️️ handful of ice
☀️️ 1 scoop of your favorite vanilla protein powder (optional)

We were very inspired by your words and your creativity with this smoothie recipe. Thank you again for entering. We hope that you all had fun. Look out for much more to come!



Ginger Limonade (lemon/lime)

Here is a super easy recipe I came up with for a refreshing take on your typical lemonade. It’s a mixture of fresh lime, lemon, mint, ginger, vanilla and raw cane sugar. Nothing short of delicious. Try not to devour this before you serve it to your guest! Let me know what you think. Enjoy!


Juice of 7 limes and 4 lemons (or 2 cups of citrus juice)

1 tbs of freshly grated ginger

1 cup raw cane sugar  (give or take)

vanilla extract

6-8 cups water

Mint (for muddling and garnish)


Roll then squeeze the juice of all of your lemons and limes. This should give you roughly 2 cups of citrus juice (salivating already). Next freshly and finely grate your ginger until you have about a tablespoon. In a beverage pitcher add your cup of raw can sugar and a tiny bit of hot water to dissolve the sugar crystals. Now add in the citrus juice, ginger, mint and vanilla into the pitcher and muddle or mix for a minute or two. This helps all of the flavors to mend. Finally, add water to fill your pitcher. Should be about 6-8 cups depending on the size of your pitcher. Chill in the refrigerator or immediately serve over plenty of ice. Completely up to you! I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do.