Cheers to 2017! (Boost Your Water)



The new year is in full effect! 2017 is all about bettering ourselves. Staying true to yourself and your values, but constantly evolving to become the best version of YOU possible. I think it’s important to remember this as the days go by. We are all different! No one person is like the other and that is simply a beautiful thing. I believe as human beings it’s important for us to blaze our own paths set our own goals all while supporting each other along the way. Everyone can win, everyone can thrive and we can do so while lifting each other up and being a support system for one another.

I feel the best way to go about supporting each other in an easy way is by sharing tips and tricks we find along the way. That being said I am here to share a couple of ways to “boost your water!” One of my resolutions this year is to simply drink more water. Water is vital to our health. It sets the foundation for anything “health and fitness” and I feel like it is constantly my down fall when it comes to trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Over the past couple of months I’ve stumbled across a couple of ways to make drinking my water a bit more fun. Not only is it fun but the couple of tips I’ve found also make the water more beneficial to our bodies than simply hydrating it! My husband is now hooked on them as well! Okay, so here goes nothing. DRINK UP!!


This is the method I’ve been using the longest!

This algae based pigment comes in drop form. I simply place about 15 drops into my water and drink! The green color is quite intimidating but the benefits are unmatched. Chlorophyll is great for for cleansing your system, curbing your appetite, its a super antioxidant and get this… Reduces body odors. WIN,WIN,WIN. The drops I purchase are from Whole Foods. Since taking chlorophyll I have found myself to have less fatigue and no crash mid day. Try it and let me know what you think.

Find out more about Chlorophyll HERE.


Oregano oil is just that, oil produced from oregano. It offers a ton of benefits from natural cold remedy to weight loss supplement. It also contains Vitamins C and E, Magnesium and Zinc. If that’s not enough to make you want to try it… It also aids in digestion. You can take this oil directly in a capsule or place a few drops in water.

Check out more info HERE.


This is the easiest and most delicious way to develop a higher water intake. Simply take your favorite citrus, herbs, fruits or veggies and INFUSE your water! These days they even make special water containers that are specifically made to aid in infusing water. Like the one found HERE. This gives you the opportunity and freedom to play around with flavor combinations all while keeping your health integrity.

My favorite combination is lemon, cucumber and mint! The lemon acts as a natural detox while the mint and cucumber add freshness!


Okay guys that’s all for now. HAPPY DRINKING!



*Please note I am not a dietitian and the opinions stated above are based on my own experience and opinion.



Greek Yogurt Snack

This snack is beyond perfect! It’s filling yet light and satisfies any sweet tooth. This dish is pack full of omega-3 fatty acids and FIBER! Yippie. 🙂

I love the mixture of nuts and berries I sprinkle over the top. Its a mixture of sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds as well as goji berries. The brand I purchase is called Linwoods and it can be found at whole foods.

If you’re looking for a healthy dessert alternative than this is your go to as well! You can simply add some cacao nibs or dark chocolate as a treat. Swap out the dates for dried cherries and you have a delicious chocolate cherry greek yogurt dessert.

Let me know what you think!

Greek Yogurt Snack 

1 Cup Plain Greek Yogurt

1 Tbs Linwoods ground flax mix

1 Tsp Honey

2 Dates Chopped

A handful of chopped walnuts

*Simply layer all of the ingredients in a bowl and enjoy!



Miracle Clay

I am always on the hunt for fantastic, all natural face and body products. So when this wonderful new company called Miracle Clay approached me to try their products I was ecstatic.

Here is a little bit about Miracle Clay, what it is and their mission…

“Miracle Clay’s mission is to make the world healthier and happier by promoting high quality, paraben-free, animal-free, natural skin and health care products that truly do work and are known for their healing qualities.”

All of Miracle Clay’s products contain natural montmorillonite clay… What exactly is that you ask?

“Edible Montmorillonite Clay is very rare and only found in certain desert regions of the world. This unique healing clay has been used for a wide range of medicinal purposes for thousands of years by nearly 200 cultures, including the Egyptians, the Aztecs, and other native people of Mexico, South America, and North America.  More recently, even NASA astronauts have used Calcium Montmorillonite Clay for strengthening their bodies during space missions.”

“Montmorillonite Clay also works incredibly well in keeping skin feeling fresh, smooth, radiant and soft. Miracle Clay’s skin care and bath products will help remove toxins, metals, and impurities from the skin while also tightening pores, removing dead skin cells, and leaving the skin healthy and revitalized.  Miracle Clay also offers several marvelous products for improving skin ailments such as acne, rashes, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea, while being gentle enough to use weekly, or even daily on problem areas.”

Basically, This stuff is amazing!

I want to focus this post on the product I loved the most from the line, and the product I found most effective and useful for me. It was their Miracle Clay clay mask.  I would cleanse my skin and apply the mask for a minimum of 10 mins. After washing it off my skin would feel smooth,tight and my pores were noticeably smaller. Over time (around 2-3 weeks) I noticed that some of my old acne scarring had faded! You can use the mask as often as you like, since it is natural. I however use it 2-3 times a week.

I would definitely recommend this product and will continue to use and purchase it on a regular.

Thanks to Miracle Clay for reaching out to me to try your products! I genuinely loved them.

check out their website! Enter this promo code at check out for a 15% discount!!!  code: LIGHTS15

The Clay Mask!
The Clay Mask!
Waiting for the mask to set and dry!
Waiting for the mask to set and dry!
Makeup-less face post face mask!
Makeup-less face post face mask!
Happy Mommy! Happy hydrated skin!
Happy Mommy! Happy hydrated skin!