Riley and Mommy Take Stanford (well… for a couple of hours)

I had the wonderful opportunity to sit in on my new friend Jennifer Aaker’s class at Stanford GSB. She teaches “Designing For Happiness” at Stanford as the Professor of Marketing. I was so excited and of course jumped at the opportunity. Naturally, Riley was with me as I take her everywhere. Jennifer did help with a great babysitter to fill in during the 2 hour class. She was wonderful with Riley and they played in the grass with her toys right outside of the building. I cheated a little and had her send me text updates and photos throughout the class ( I’ll get there fully one day).

I first want to say that the class was amazing! From the syllabus, the class develops and rethinks ideas on how to “design products and rethink brands.” One exercise we did was to come up with words that immediately evoke a sense of happiness in ourselves; specifically a word, a company, and a brand. My picks were family, Honest Company, and Little Lights of Mine (is that a brand? It could be…!)

I hope I get a chance to make it back up there and sit in again. I learned so much in that short time. (If you’re reading this, thank you Jennifer!). Second, the campus is BEAUTIFUL. It was my first time getting to explore such a large campus. It was beautifully kept and there were some really cool features at the Graduate School of Business. Until next time! 🙂

Here are a couple of photos from the day! Enjoy!

DSC01676 DSC01681 DSC01689 DSC01692 DSC01693 DSC01696 DSC01701